Swimming the Suck… plus 16

I quite enjoyed this video of Hallie H.M. swimming 26.2 miles down the Tennessee River near Chattanooga.

Hallie, who I Swam the Suck with last year, retraced the scenic 10-mile course but started further upriver, and then kept on going several miles further into the Gorge. The video, appropriately backed by Jackson Browne’s “Running on Empty” (ha, ha), is pure joy. Makes me regret I won’t be returning this year.

Here’s what Karah (Swim the Suck founder & race director) had to say:

She is a REAL trooper. No touching another human, no standing, no wetsuit. She did the real thing.

Indeed. Congrats, Hallie!

2010 Open-Water Season in Review

Despite my best efforts, the 2010 open-water season is now over! Like Rob, my original plan was relatively modest compared to the end result (though it seemed ambitious at the time). At first, I aimed to run the gauntlet of USMS open-water national championship series – North Carolina, California, Colorado, Virginia, and Indiana – and finish off the season at Big Shoulders in Chicago.

As the year wore on, I found excuses – one by one – to add more events. For the Nike Swim Miami, it was an excuse to visit an old college roommate. For the Cascade Lakes Festival, I got to meet up with my parents and visit my grandmother. For Madison, the drive from Chicago was too short to pass up. Ditto for Diamond Lake. For Little Red Lighthouse, it was a chance to try an NYC Swim race before applying to MIMS. For Swim the Suck, it was a chance to try a true marathon swim and extend my season into October.

And now here we are, 17 races (in 12 states) and 57.4 racing miles (92.4K) later. True to the blog’s title, all races took place in freshwater lakes, with three exceptions:

  • Nike Swim Miami (Atlantic Ocean)
  • Little Red Lighthouse Swim (Hudson River)
  • Swim the Suck (Tennessee River)

How to even begin to sum up this experience? With a list, of course!

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