The top 10 most CONTROVERSIAL threads at the Marathon Swimmers Forum

I know - shameless clickbait. So sue me (or hire “Henry James” to sue me).

Last week the Marathon Swimmers Forum turned three years old - and what a wild ride it has been! We’re entitled to a little fun now and then.

Without further ado, I present the ten most controversial discussion threads in the history of the Forum. You literally won’t believe your eyes!

  1. Changes to NYC Swim qualifying event policies (read: CSA secretary Julie Bradshaw MBE’s allegedly unsanctioned MIMS record claims allegedly cause NYC Swim to allegedly withdraw recognition of alleged CSA English Channel swims)

  2. Non-freestyle stroke ‘records’ in open water swimming (are complicated)

  3. Lance Armstrong to compete in USMS meet? (or not)

  4. Do you wear a wristwatch in marathon swims? (apparently, yes!)

  5. Diana Nyad’s Directional ‘Streamer’ (is just the tip of the iceberg)

  6. Not to start World War III, but… (in which the practice of “boat drafting” first came to widespread attention)

  7. Who earns the title ‘Channel Swimmer’ (not, some would argue, those who use wetsuits)

  8. Forum threatened with take-down by person claiming to represent Julie Bradshaw, Secretary of the CSA (my personal favorite)

  9. USMS Open Water Sanctioning (is an epic cluster****)

And now, the #1 most controversial thread in the history of the Forum…. was there ever any doubt?

  1. 110 miles, 53 hours: Questions for Diana Nyad

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