The music of DRIVEN

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[Narrator] Day breaks.

And almost miraculously, despite five hours of complete darkness and grueling conditions, Evan’s swim is still just on track to break the speed record.

But even though time is on his side, Evan’s will to push on teeters on the brink.

[Evan] I wasn’t motivated. There was no goal I had in mind — at least at night.

Really, there was just nothing else but: One stroke after another.

And then during the day, everything shifted a little bit.

There’s an unavoidable thing, with the sun coming up into the sky, and night turning into day. Life seems a little bit better.

I guess I thought to myself: Well, I made it to this point. I can’t really quit now. That would be ridiculous.

[Narrator] Evan doesn’t push on; he charges on.

[David Yudovin] If you’re motivated to make the swim, it’s going to work. If it’s deep in your heart, it will all fall into place.

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  1. Wow, interesting watching that video. Definitely a different sort of take on that piece of music. Funny how music can be so left to individual interpretation. Funny part is that I had that song pegged for your swim months before your swim even took place. I used to bring my ipod on workouts and would listen to that song and would plot out that scene in my mind (all the way down to you staggering up the beach). It’s one of the most satisfying scenes for me out of the entire film just because it played out in real life, and as edited, so similar to what I had envisioned. It’s a uniquely satisfying feeling when that happens. That scene and the ‘Starts’ sequence felt like that for me. Anyways, the music was one of my favorite parts of making the whole film. Thanks for the note, and I’m glad you enjoyed it too. -b

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