Daytime goggles, Nighttime goggles

In summer 2011, I started using two pairs of Swedish goggles (Speedo Swedish 2-pack) – one with dark metallized lenses for daytime, one with clear lenses for mornings, evenings, & night. As per usual, I eschewed the included latex straps for after-market bungee straps.

swedish goggles

It’s a testament to Swedes’ durability that I’m still using these same goggles almost two years later.

Notice something else about the above photo, though: The color of the straps. Two years ago, these straps were the same color. Remember, the top pair I wear during the day, in bright sunlight. The bottom pair I wear in low light.

These are your goggles. These are your goggles on UV radiation.

5 thoughts on “Daytime goggles, Nighttime goggles”

  1. I have tried with great frustration a half dozen times to get Swedes to fit my face – no dice.
    I’m not sure if I have big or small eye sockets, but they don’t agree with me.

    1. have you tried hind compys? i don’t think they’re in production anymore, but they have an appealing old-school cachet similar to swedes.

      1. Haven’t but I’ll look out for em. Looks like someone makes a derivative of them. I have tried the TYR socket rockets and the Speedo speed sockets with no luck.

      2. So I revisited this last night with the loneswimmer link ( you sent me. I actually spent about 30 minutes in front of a mirror trying to figure out where the problem was. Turns out I had the head strap too tight and the nose strap too loose. For me to get suction the cups have to be fairly close to my nose, and the previous set up was working against that. After loosening the strap and tightening the nose, voila! I swam this morning with them and it was close to a religious experience. Way more comfortable that the thick gaskets I’m used to wearing which create a lot of unnecessary pressure. (These were TYR Socket Rockets, not true swedes)

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