One year in the life of a marathon swimmers forum

One year (and one week) ago, Donal and I launched the Marathon Swimmers Forum with the following mission statement:

  • To celebrate and promote the sport of marathon swimming.
  • To foster connections and information sharing among the global community of marathon swimmers.
  • To provide an educational resource for aspiring marathon swimmers.

Donal and I are both pretty proud of what’s happened since then. Just by the numbers, 565 confirmed members have contributed 5,437 posts in 400 separate discussion threads. Even better, the quality of the contributions has been gratifyingly high.

To celebrate the Forum’s first birthday, here’s a quick peek at the site analytics:

A Global (yet, to be honest, mostly anglophone) Community

Geographical distribution of visits by city

Geographical distribution by country, full year

Geographical distribution by country, first month
Geographical distribution by country, first month

Everybody Loves a Controversy

Top Threads, as measured by pageviews:

Up and to the… Right!

Site Visits, weekly
Unique Visitors, weekly

Thank you to all who have helped make the Forum such a compelling, informative community this past year.


2 thoughts on “One year in the life of a marathon swimmers forum”

  1. And well done to you. And thanks for everything!

    One of the aspects with which I am happiest is the range of people signed up; from beginners and 5k swimmers, through marathon and Channel Aspirants to Triple Crown swimmers and high profile members of many of the world most important swim associations, to professional swimmers and even world champions. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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