New Year, New Look

If you are an email or RSS subscriber, you may not have noticed the new banner image:

The WordPress theme has also been updated and the menus have re-arranged a bit. Come check it out sometime.

Anyway, the new banner image shows me stroking along in the middle of the Santa Barbara Channel. There’s Cathy in the kayak (this must have been about 7 hours into the swim), and behind her the Fuji III (containing Rob, Mark, Dave, Ben, Capt. Forrest), heading off at a strange angle. The photo is actually a GoPro still-frame from Ben, one of the filmmakers behind the documentary¬†DRIVEN.

For old-times’ sake, here’s the previous banner image – that’s me warming up at the Noblesville 10K¬†in July 2010.

freshwater swimmer
Freshwater Swimmer header image, 2012.

Incidentally, if you’re an RSS subscriber, you may have heard the sad news of Google Reader‘s impending demise. If you’re shopping around for a new feed reader, I recommend checking out Newsblur and Feedly. Feedly is slicker and prettier; Newsblur is closer to Google Reader’s layout and may be preferable for power users. Personally I’m going with Newsblur.

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Look”

  1. I went with Newsblur on your suggestion on twitter. I’m not in love with it but it’s probably just because I’m mad I have to change so many internet habits now.

    Also… I’ve always liked that picture you’re using for the header now. It shows how messed up the whole situation was… it’s like the propeller was magnetically attracted to you through the whole swim!

    1. i can’t say i’m in love with newsblur either, but so far i haven’t found a better option. mostly i’m just irritated with google. they could have kept reader going with like one engineer on 50% time at most.

      glad you dig the banner image. you’re going to dig the movie even more!

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