Freshwater Swimmer… in print!

When I cracked open the latest (February/March) issue of H2open Magazine a few days ago, I did a bit of a double-take when I got to page 15:

h2open magazine, page 15

My humble, minimally-marketed, emphatically anti-populist marathon swimming blog is one of H2Open’s “favourite” OWS websites! Many thanks to Simon Griffiths and his team for this recognition. I’m truly hono(u)red.

Here’s a zoomed-in view:

Freshwater Swimmer in H2open magazine

And for good measure, here’s the front cover of the magazine.

h2open magazine

If you’re not already subscribed to this excellent publication, I urge you to get on that – stat.


8 thoughts on “Freshwater Swimmer… in print!”

  1. Fantastic! Congrats, Evan – I really enjoy this blog. It’s refreshing to see one so pleasantly laid out and with such high quality writing. Oh yeah, and fun to read. (If I could come up with a stylish and sophisticated emoticon, I’d put one here.)

    1. @IronMike – A few too many ‘u’s and a few too many wetsuits for my taste… but I certainly won’t be dropping my subscription! Seriously, though, it’s fantastic that such a mag exists, and they seem to be making a reasonable business out of it. Cheers to that.

      @Rob – haha. Well I for one quite enjoy your writing and see it as a feature!

      @Bubbles – Wow, thank you! I appreciate the compliment – and I appreciate your comments here!

  2. Been aware of the magazine for a while, but just decided to subscribe when they added the iPad version. The Feb/March issue was my first and discovered your blog from there. You are now prominently bookmarked and will b a regular read too. Thanks…

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