The Crew

No ultra-marathon swim is possible without support – and the selflessness of a marathon swim crew is one of the most beautiful aspects of our sport.

I couldn’t be happier with the motley collection of folks supporting my Catalina swim. The sheer aquatic talent and marathon swimming experience on the Bottom Scratcher this Wednesday night will be something to behold! I’ll be in good hands.



Anne Cleveland (CCSF observer)
– IMSHOF inductee
– double English Channel crossing, 2004






Barb Held (CCSF observer)
– Catalina 2010
– Tampa, MIMS 2011






Grace V. (paddler/pace swimmer)
– winner, 12.6-mi Distance Swim Challenge





Neil V. (paddler)






Garrett M. (crew)
– washed-up former Yale water polo player






Rob D. (crew)






Mark W. (crew)
– 2008 Olympian, 10K open-water






Amanda H. (crew)
– MIMS solo, 2009/2010



7 thoughts on “The Crew”

  1. Someone better keep an eye in that washed-up Polo player. He looks a bit shady. Good lucky Evan – you got a few Fords on your side!

    1. John – He’ll be honored that you said so.

      Gords – Wish that were so… then maybe I could make some money off this crazy business 🙂

      Sully – Didn’t know you were a Friends fan.

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