MIMS: Three rivers, Three races

Readers may be curious to see split times for the full rivers (East, Harlem, & Hudson) – not just the “segments” shown in the previous two posts. So here they are.

You’ll notice a new swimmer in the mix here: Sarah Thomas from Colorado. Originally seeded 8th, Sarah managed to slip into 5th place overall with a roaring swim down the Hudson. Well done, Sarah!

2 thoughts on “MIMS: Three rivers, Three races”

  1. Thanks for the splits, Evan! Sure makes me wish I’d gone out a bit harder- I had a lot of gas left in the tank. Your review really makes me want to swim the race again to see what I can do with the added experience.

    1. I agree, it’s the sort of swim that rewards experience. Your pacing might have been smart strategy, though. Remember the effect of the tide change: Trailing swimmers (usually) have a relative advantage in the Harlem and especially in the Hudson. A faster East River split would have put you in the Harlem and Hudson during a “slower” time in the tide cycle.

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