Jump Shots

To me, there’s something quite special about the moment someone enters the water to begin a marathon swim. It’s an act of great courage; a willing surrender to a foreign and potentially dangerous environment; an acceptance of inevitable pain and struggle soon to be experienced.

The moment is even more dramatic when “entering the water” requires jumping from a dock – as in MIMS. Tom M. (a.k.a. bklynpolar on Flickr) and his camera were on the dock for the MIMS start, and captured these moments for a number of swimmers. Here are the “jump shots” for the top 8 seeds, in descending order. Click to enlarge.

7 thoughts on “Jump Shots”

  1. best jump is a toss up between sarah and miguel, though miguel (hands down) gets the best suit from this group…. the jh20’s would probably take take the prize in a run-off

  2. Just discovered your blog, Evan! I’ve enjoyed reading it. As a side bar, the reason the jump was so enthusiastic was because I’m not all that coordinated- I actually slipped on my way in.

    1. Hey Sarah! Looks pretty graceful to me – at least at the moment of the picture. Didn’t see the parts right before & after, which I suppose are key 🙂

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