Tampa, in brief

I thought I should get something out now (however brief), with a more comprehensive report to follow. Yesterday was an experience that… will take a couple of days to process.

I fulfilled my goal of finishing the Tampa Bay Marathon Swim. The time (8:59) and place (1) were nice, but finishing was the hard part.

A few stats (some actual, some approximate):

  • water temp: 80F
  • air temp: 70F (low) to 88F (high)
  • wind speed: 15 mph (morning) to calm-ish (afternoon)
  • calories consumed: 2,800
  • calories burned: 5,000+
  • fluids consumed: 320 oz (9.5 liters)
  • strokes taken: 33,500 (a few on my back, for various reasons)
  • pace per mile: 22:27

Here are the data from the GPS transponder on my escort boat (ignore the blue line):

Credit my boat pilot for that incredibly true line. More on him later.

If you’re wondering about the detours at the bridges, that’s because certain portions of those bridges are too low for the boat to pass under. Specifically, the parts crossing over the shortest path to the finish. So the boat went around to find higher clearance, while my kayaker and I went under.

A few good links:

A nice moment:

32 thoughts on “Tampa, in brief”

  1. Great swim Evan. I was far back in the field, but my goal was to finish and I am thrilled to have succeeded. When is your Catalina date? I go on 9/19.


    PS: I am assuming you estimated the water temperature because I swam through water that was 86 – 88 in the afternoon.

    1. Bob – I’m thrilled for you! That swim is an absolute beast.

      My Catalina date is 8/24 (into the 25th).

      80F was just what I heard at the start. I’m sure it warmed a bit during the day. The only part I felt was much more than 82 (during my swim, at least) was in the last couple hundred yards before the finish.

  2. Evan – Congratulations !!

    I was there to witness you exiting the water, and you were kind enough to visit with me a while. What a GREAT accomplishment. All the best for a great year !!

    John Hobson

    1. Hi John – I enjoyed our chat on the beach. I wish you the best with your 25K in Noblesville… I may have been there myself if not for the Manhattan swim on the same day!

      1. Evan – Congratulations on a great swim at MIMS. Would love to hear your take on the differences between Tampa and MMs sometime.

        1. This is John from our conversation at the finish in Tampa, right? Thanks for stopping by again! I’ll see what I can do about comparing to Tampa in my MIMS report.

  3. Congratulations on a great swim. It was a pleasure to meet you. Good luck with the rest of your swims this year.

    1. Anthony, I was busy loading the boat and applying sunscreen most of the morning, so those few minutes on the beach right before the start were about the only calm & peace I had the whole time. Pleasure to meet you too.

      1. Hope I didn’t wreck your calm and peace. It helped me somehow. Thanks. I was happy to finish.
        I enjoy your blog. Did you have a boat lined up for Boston Light? Do you know a captain that you can recommend?

        1. Anthony – not at all! It helped me too. Congrats on your finish.

          I actually haven’t done Boston Light before, and sadly I can’t do it this year either. I imagine Greg or Elaine could provide a few suggestions. Good luck – that will be an incredible swim!

  4. Sweet swim Evan. I have to believe your arms felt like they were going to fall off. Nice to break the nine hour barrier too. I mentioned to our lane this morning about beginning to train for next year’s 24 mile swim…no takers yet.

    Great swim!

    Jim R.

  5. Evan Almighty indeed! What a physical accomplishment but more impressed with mental fortitude it took to finish!

    1. Thanks, Donal. I understand most folks have better things to do than keep up with my marathon swimming career (such as it is) ๐Ÿ™‚

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