More Lance

So apparently this is Lance Armstrong finishing the 2.4-mile RLE Open Water Swim at Mansfield Dam in Austin, TX. He’s the third guy out of the water, behind pro triathletes James Bonney and James Cotter:

And here’s (what I assume to be) the three of them rounding the buoy at the halfway mark:

A couple observations. First, Lance isn’t really close enough to Bonney and Cotter to be getting any draft – which is evidence against some folks’ theories that he must have drafted the whole way. Second, it sure doesn’t look like these guys are going 48-high/49-low speed. Lance even does a little breaststroke coming into the buoy. But who knows.

Am I crazy to think it’s newsworthy that one of the most famous athletes in the world competed in an open water swim? It generated lively discussion on the USMS board and various triathlon boards, yet… not a peep from the “swimming media” (such as it is).

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