Fun Google tricks

Have you ever wondered…

How many [yards] can I swim in [4 hours] if I hold a pace of [1:15] per [100 yards] … and you wanted an answer right now? Perhaps you didn’t have a calculator handy, or didn’t want to fire up Excel… or maybe you just didn’t feel like thinking very hard.


Or, perhaps you have wondered…

If I swim [10K] in [2 hours, 45 minutes], what is my pace per [100m] ?

In conclusion: Bing sucks, people.*

* Full disclosure: I am a former employee of Google.

7 thoughts on “Fun Google tricks”

      1. I think you could get a handful across the country to SWIM it. I think you could find one person in the country willing to TIME it and you would owe her BIG time.

        1. Three people who did the 10k postal this year took over four hours. You’ll just need to find those people’s timers.

          1. Adam – ha 🙂

            2 hours & change long course is one thing…. 4 hours short course is another beast entirely.

            I love Dave Barra’s grisly account of a 30,000 SCY session last February.

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