Another MIMS match race

This is sort of interesting.

It isn’t being actively promoted yet, but it seems the Manhattan Island match race/record attempt wasn’t just a one-off deal. Last September, NYC Swim invited four swimmers – pros Mark Warkentin and Petar Stoychev, as well as two local women – to take on Shelley Taylor-Smith’s overall record of 5 hours, 45 minutes. Warkentin won the day, but still came 31 minutes short of the record.

NYC Swim will hold another match race/record attempt this coming September 28, but the contestants will instead be the top two finishers of the regular MIMS event on June 18 (in which I will be competing).

Who will they be? Maybe Vegas should put out lines on open-water swimming?

2 thoughts on “Another MIMS match race”

    1. Heh. That’s a nice thought, but… I think there’s a reason they decided on “top 2.” Which is, there are already two semi-world-class marathon swimmers in the June 18th race. One man, and one woman. And neither is named “Evan.”

      It is good news, though. The expectations have been cast. That’s where I prefer to be, from a motivational standpoint.

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