MIMS field selection update

By my unofficial observations, the online applications for MIMS were closed a little over an hour after they opened. 46 swimmers threw their hats into the ring during that time, including:

  • 14 women and 32 men
  • 6 Australians, 4 Britons, 2 Irish, 4 Mexicans, 1 Italian, 1 Portuguese, 2 Spaniards, and 26 Americans
  • 20 English Channel crossers, 6 Catalina Channel crossers, and 8 MIMS finishers

The early favorites would have to include:

  • John Van Wisse – MIMS winner in 2000, 2008, and 2009, and 2-way English Channel crosser in 2010.
  • Erica Rose – former USA open-water national team member, 5K world champion, and more recently, 6th overall finisher in this year’s Big Shoulders 5K.

19 applications (including my own) were accepted the same afternoon, on the basis of the “first-come, first-served, first-completed” policy (i.e., no missing medical forms, etc.). That leaves 6 spots for the remaining 27 applicants. The selection committee will likely meet over the next couple of days, at which point the final field of 25 solo swimmers will be announced.

6 thoughts on “MIMS field selection update”

  1. congrats on getting in and good luck! that’s a hell of a swim! so are you going to post that essay that’s supposed to go along with your packet?

    1. Thanks Rob. I’m surprised you don’t want to join me!

      I thought about posting the essay. I’m… still thinking about it.

    1. I don’t doubt it will be an epic challenge, but it’s perhaps not quite as epic as the stated distance would indicate, because of the currents. The typical winning times are usually in the 7 1/2-hour range, which equates to under 59 seconds per 100m – which no human being is capable of doing. If you assume the winners are doing, say, low-1:20’s per 100m, MIMS is effectively more like a 20-mile swim.

      Still no joke, obviously – but perhaps more plausible for someone like Rob given that he’s already done 12.6 in cold, rough conditions.

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