Summer marathon swims, in pictures

What’s a marathon swim? Distance is how it’s typically defined – any swim 10K or longer. Another indicator? If you need high-level satellite imagery to view the course map.

Saturday, April 9, 2011 – Nike Swim Miami – Miami, FL – 10K

Saturday, April 23 – Tampa Bay Marathon Swim – Tampa, FL – 24 miles

Saturday, June 18 – Manhattan Island Marathon Swim – New York, NY – 28.5 miles

Saturday, July 9 – Kingdom Swim – Newport, VT – 10 miles

Saturday, August 13 – Boston Light Swim – Boston, MA – 8 miles

4 thoughts on “Summer marathon swims, in pictures”

  1. Some of those look better than tracing the Noblesville course 5 times. Boston Light Swim looks awesome, but kind of a bummer you have to arrange your own MOTOR boat.

  2. Hi!! Just happened to stumble across your site here….looks great!! I too will be doing Tampa swim solo this year (did 2 person relay last year–a good swim!!) I live in S. FL so will also prob do Miami swim (even though I agree with you about poor hospitality—one of my least favorite races).
    Very cool you got into MIMS!! On my list for next year….
    Looking forward to meeting you in Tampa!!
    Best, Michelle

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