Race Report: USMS 10K Postal Championship

Another Friday, another long postal swim at the UIC Natatorium. This time, for 10K: 200 laps of a 50-meter pool.

The open-water 25K.

I was joined by fellow distance freak Smelts and my favorite U-Chicago professor were also on deck, as lap counters - which I’m told on good authority is a similarly mind-numbing experience.

My goal? 2:17:52 - my open-water 10K time from Noblesville in July.

Some reasons I might succeed in beating that time:

Some reasons I might not succeed:

What else can I say? My splits will tell a better story than my words:



(1) 5K Postal splits (dotted blue line) superimposed for comparison.

(2) Drink breaks at 2/3.5/5/6.5/8K are “adjusted out.” See 5K postal report for a description of the methodology._

Remarkably, these splits correspond fairly well with my subjective experience:

In the end: 2:16:15. Pace per 100m of 1:21.8. A few more stats:

400m splits:

1000m splits:

5K splits - breaks included (no adjustment):

Nutrition & Hydration:

(HEED = “high-energy electrolyte drink” - e.g., Gatorade)

(recovery drink = includes protein/amino acids - e.g., chocolate milk, GU Brew)

And speaking of recovery: one week ‘til Big Shoulders!

Forward, march!

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