Little Red Lighthouse Swim Preview

Yesterday afternoon, NYC*SWIM announced that the Little Red Lighthouse Swim is moving up the Hudson. The 5.85-mile course has traditionally run between 56th and 172nd Streets (or vice versa, depending on the tide). Tomorrow, and possibly also in future years, the swim will begin at the 79th Street Boat Basin and finish near Inwood Park, all the way at the top of Manhattan Island.

The new course is a full 10K, and will pass climactically under the George Washington Bridge just over a mile from the finish. The Daily News of Open Water Swimming reports that it will be the largest 10K swim in the world, with 250 swimmers.

Starting at 7:45am, swimmers will be set off in 7 waves, slowest to fastest, allocated as follows:

wave #
1 8
2 20
3 30
4 87
5 54
6 26
7 10

I was assigned to Wave 6, based on criteria unknown (to me, at least). I quite appreciate the gesture, from a motivation standpoint. Wave 7 has 10 people – a nice, round target.

NYC Swim has a nice course layout here. Here are some additional views, which look eastward (toward Manhattan) so as to better simulate what swimmers will see as they paddle up the Hudson (click to enlarge):

The start (79th Street Boat Basin):

0 – 4K (to the end of the green-space just south of Riverbank State Park):

4K – 7.8K (to George Washington Bridge):

7.8K – 10K:

The finish (Inwood Canoe Club):

This will be my second saltwater swim of the year (after Miami), and my first point-to-point swim…ever! I’m very excited.

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