Big Shoulders: Notes on a psych sheet

Tomorrow’s Big Shoulders 5K will have a legitimate claim as the most competitive Masters open-water race in the U.S. outside of the Waikiki Roughwater, and maybe some years of┬áthe La Jolla Roughwater. For the first time, there will be an “elite” wave of the top 50 swimmers, according to seed time. Here they are:

first last sex age
Mike Alexandrov M 25
Vincent Allegra M 32
Tim Anderson M 39
Amanda Moguel F 34
Jim Barber M 50
Timothy Carlson M 30
Kelly Childers M 49
Ron Chlasta M 52
Chris Clarke M 41
Kevin Coates M 21
William Cordero M 43
Adam Dawkins M 35
Todd Dawkins M 36
Chris DeJong M 26
David Doherty M 36
Aaron Gabriel M 44
Steven Gregg M 54
Jeffrey Halbert M 36
Emily Hanson F 22
Steve Hartsock M 36
Sam Haywood M 25
William Huibregtse M 45
Rob Iglinski M 34
Ethan Kahn M 47
Josh Kercheval M 29
Jeffrey Maydak M 37
Dave McAnally M 31
Tom McCabe M 52
David McClellan M 42
Lauren Mcquaid F 36
Evan Morrison M 30
Shaun Morrow M 42
Andrew Mueller M 20
Mark O’Malley M 34
Craig Oppel M 43
Kelly Perry F 31
Benjamin Price M 32
Dave Pushka M 46
Victoria Rian F 43
Erica Rose F 28
Megan Ryther F 31
Susie Shuck F 44
David Sims M 47
Mark Stori M 44
Polly Surhoff F 46
Alex Tyler M 21
Ross Vimr M 24
George Wendt M 62
Ashley Whitney F 31

With just a cursory glance, I see three Olympians (Alexandrov, Gregg, Sims), one current American record holder (Alexandrov), one recent American record holder (DeJong), three current or recent U.S. open-water national team members (Hanson, Rose, Ryther), two open-water “Triple Crown” members, and the #1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, & 11 finishers at this year’s USMS 10K Championship.

It will be an interesting first couple hundred meters, to say the least!

5 thoughts on “Big Shoulders: Notes on a psych sheet”

    1. The field is, I think, substantially stronger than last year, so the former will be a stretch. And if the washing machine-esque lake I experienced this morning is any indication, so will the latter.

        1. Well, I might just have made top 10. No sub-60, though – I don’t think anyone was under an hour today! Results should be posted later this PM.

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