Big Shoulders Stats: Participation by Age

More fun with Big Shoulders stats. We’ve been looking at participation – so what about age? Masters swimming is traditionally dominated by people in their 40’s and 50’s – is the same true here?

It seems the modal age is actually a bit younger in Big Shoulders – lots of people in their 30’s. But the “50’s” have been mounting a furious comeback (see the blue line) – perhaps a baby boomer effect.

My custom aggregate CSV file, from which I calculated these stats, is available here.

2 thoughts on “Big Shoulders Stats: Participation by Age”

    1. That’s the usual explanation for participation patterns in Masters swimming generally, but it doesn’t explain why people in their 50’s would increase participation in Big Shoulders over time. Unless the actual cohort (i.e., Baby Boomers) is larger than other cohorts – as they “age up,” their representation in events would tend to increase.

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