Back in the saddle

After a day off following the races in North Carolina, I’ve strung together as good a 4-day stretch of training as I’ve had in several months. My volume is up a bit (I’m on pace for ~29,000 yards this week), but especially the intensity.

Monday I pounded out 4,000 SCY (including 1,700 of kicking) right after lifting (session A). Tuesday I combined SCY & LCM for 3,740 yards, again right after lifting (session B). This workout included the following race-pace set (LCM):

  • 4x {200 fast, 100 easy} @ 6:00
    • 2:28, 2:27, 2:27, 2:15 (pull)

Those times don’t appear all that great, but given that I lifted right before, I was pleased. Wednesday I reached 5,000 SCY despite soreness from 2 back-to-back lifting sessions. Main set:

  • 4x {500 @ 10K pace, 10 sec rest, 200 build to fast, 50 easy} @ 10:00
    • I held around 5:55 for the 500s and 2:16 for the 200s.

This morning I managed 3,500 LCM in just over 50 minutes, with just one set:

  • 5×700
    • #1 warm-up @ 11:00
    • #2-4 moderate descend to 10K pace @ 10:00
      • 9:32, 9:27, 9:25 (pace of 1:21.7, 1:21.0, 1:20.7)
    • #5 warm-down

Tomorrow and Saturday I’ll dial it down slightly – a necessary recovery from the past 4 days, but also to hit Sunday’s race (USMS 1.5-mile O.W. Champs in Livermore, CA) ready to swim fast. Sunday morning I’ll visit my old friends at Stanford Masters for a warm-up.

Hello, California!

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